Some of the best ideas originate on a half-used beverage napkin. We take pride in merging your ideas with our sign design expertise to shape and direct your brand into the marketplace, while taking into consideration other necessary signage factors like structural engineering, wind loads, and optimal materials. Our design team will manage your sign project so you can stay focused on managing your business.


Our skilled craftsmen use only the latest technology and highest quality materials that are best suited to construct your custom sign to withstand the climate in Houston and throughout the state of Texas. As an experienced sign manufacturer, we know what it takes to make the kind of sign that will not only comply with all electrical and government sign codes, but also showcase your brand for years to come.


Whether it’s five feet or forty-five feet up in the air, we can handle even the most challenging locations for sign installation. Our experience truly comes into play when you are dealing with various government codes, ordinances, or deed restrictions. We are a sign company, located in Houston and licensed in the state of Texas, that understands what is required by and for all parties involved. When Visual FX installs your signs, you can be confident it will be done precisely the first time.


Does your sign read “ pen or B iness”? Customers typically equate the quality of your products and services by how well you maintain your store front. Signs, just like cars and homes, require routine maintenance. Prolonging sign maintenance and necessary sign repairs only hurts your image and your wallet in the long run. Whether it’s changing burned out light bulbs or replacing damaged parts, Visual FX can service your sign to make sure it says “Open for Business”.

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